The techniques used in naturopathic care vary greatly, depending on the individual. They include evidence based methods as well as some techniques that have been relied upon traditionally.  

Below is a brief description of some of the main areas that may be included
in the naturopathic consultation and treatment. 

The Consultation

The naturopathic consultation is extremely detailed with information recorded regarding a wide variety of factors that affect health. A number of physical examinations are performed and possibly some pathological tests.


The analysis of the iris has been performed for centuries in various cultures. Your iris is unique and provides a reflection of the rest of the body. It is not possible to diagnose a condition by examining the iris, but it does provide clues to the areas that may require some extra nurturing. 



There is a long history of the use of herbs as medicine. With the recent advancements in research we now have a much better understanding of why they are so effective. Herbs can be administered in many different ways such as tablets, liquids, creams and teas.


Lifestyle recommendations need to fit the individual and so can vary greatly. They may include ways to reduce toxin exposure, exercise tips, meditation, getting out in nature or connecting with some social supports. You may even be prescribed some relaxation time!



Sometimes supplements are used in order to achieve a therapeutic dose of nutrients. A naturopath can assist in sourcing quality products as well as checking to avoid any interactions with other prescriptions.


Analysis of your current diet may reveal imbalances. Dietary recommendations may include advice on types and quantities of foods to include or remove from your diet, as well as some recipes to help you achieve your goals.


A fascinating treatment style that has been around for two hundred years and is still very popular in Europe. Based on the principle that "like cures like" it is different to any other method. If a substance produces certain symptoms in the well person it can be used to assist the unwell person suffering from those same symptoms. In this way the medicine is matched to the person.

Flower Essences

Another technique with a long history of traditional use. Flower essences provide a way to treat the emotions, similar to the way that certain music or your favourite flower can evoke emotions. You can carry the flower essence drops with you at all times, as a reminder to let go of the negative and bring in the positive. 

The Treatment Plan

The treatment plan will be prepared specifically for you. It will summarise your health goals and detail the actions to get your there. The plan will be amended as you achieve and create new goals. Sometimes your naturopath will work with other practitioners to ensure you are receiving all the care you need. 

Other Products

Products and gift vouchers are available for purchase. Gift vouchers can be used towards products or the Consultation fee.